25 January 2010

Week 93 Update

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I’m excited about these short weekly updates. The goal is to provide some real insight into what’s going at the Open Forum Foundation as a starting point to building awareness of the value of the work that we’re doing and engaging more people in it!

January 18 – 24 was a busy week.

  • Started off the week by meeting with Lucas Cioffi to discuss how the Open Government Directive Workshop had gone and to open a new idea, which is the next item.
  • Submitted to the eDemocracyCamp planning team that we should change its focus to that of bringing together the dialogue and deliberation community (eg, NCDD), developers working in the citizen engagement space, and government employees and staffers (credit where credit is due: Kaliya Hamlin originated this idea).
  • I re-organized myself with a GTD tool called Doit.im
  • Connected with VoteSmart about updating information that we find wrong when working with GovLuv (for those unfamiliar, VoteSmart provides the back-end database of elected officials that we use for GovLuv).
  • Met with the ED and staff of the Republican Study Committee to show them GovLuv – they were very impresssed and are excited to pass it on to their 130 or so members of the House of Representatives.
  • I spoke with Britt Blaser on Friday. He is working on a citizen engagement platform called IVote4U that comes complete with a Facebook app. Doing some very exciting work!
  • Gong Szeto, thinker extraordinaire, and I had a great conversation about the future of the citizen engagement space during which he gave me a brilliant idea for a conference that we could facilitate. More on that as the details come into focus.
  • Finally, we ended the week with a fundraising meeting between myself, Meagen, and Dave. 2010 is about monetary sustainability and we’re taking it seriously.

I’m also considering doing these as short videos, although I haven’t gotten it all together yet. Let’s see if this tiny note provides any impetus for figuring that out…

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