1 March 2010

Week 98 Update

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Oh come on! We all knew that I couldn’t consistently maintain a weekly blog post. That day will come, but I’m not there yet – and it’s been a really crazy month! More about that below:

  1. Gov20LA Every event I attend, I gain a new perspective on the constantly changing industry I work in (Gov2.0, OpenGov, Citizen Engagement – to mention a few names for it). Gov20LA was great for me for several reasons: 1. Networking – zowie! 2. Getting an outside the beltway view of what we’re all doing here – incredibly valuable. And 3. Amazing food. No seriously – DC has got nothing on LA – and for anyone that followed my tweetstream (@wmburke) during that time, you know what I’m talking about.
  2. Industry Focus The focus in this industry has been on ‘technology in government’ and is changing/ needs to change to ‘citizen-centric government’ (or perhaps ‘citizen participation’ or some other term that captures the idea even better).
  3. My Role My background is in ‘things’ – engineering, product design, manufacturing, etc. but what I’m being asked to do by others all relates to ‘people’. I’ve been struggling with this adjustment, but it feels right. My role is to bring people together, to educate and inform, to connect, to facilitate the creation of things that I alone would not be able to accomplish.
  4. ParticipationCamp is coming together, transformed and reborn from last year’s eDemocracyCamp. April 17th and 18th, right before POLC, with a focus on ‘advancing public participation in government by connecting government managers and staff, public engagement experts, online tool developers, and citizens’.
  5. Workshop: Creating GREAT Citizen Engagement Software is up and taking registrations at http://j.mp/GREATces. This is our first event that we are charging real money for and it’s coming together fabulously. It’s target audience is developers, and the goal is to really boost their ability to build great software in this market and work together to connect citizens to their representatives. Have a look and spread the word.
  6. HillCamp This is a little side project I’ve been working on for some time that is finally starting to come together. The idea is to have a staffers only unconference on Capital Hill to discuss use of social media for citizen engagement. After all, the staffers are the only experts in the sense of on-the-ground experience working within their unique situation. This could really boost comprehension and use of these tools within Congressional offices.

Alright, enough from me for this week (month). When I write it out all short like that, it doesn’t look like nearly as much as it felt like going through it. Nonetheless, I think we’re poised to have a GREAT month.

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