A New Model for Citizen Organizing


1 April 2013

No luck on Knight.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make the final 40 list for the Knight Foundation News Challenge. C’est la vie! I suppose it was too much to expect this complicated a solution to be picked up in what is, at least in part, a popularity contest!


13 March 2013

Knight Foundation News Challenge Submission

The actual submission is here.

Advances in communication technology can be combined with modern organizational principles to devise a new model for citizen organizing and advocacy that is more effective. Using these principles, we can create sustainable, grassroots culture change that is driven not by “experts” working at a distance from the actual problem, but instead by the passion of the members and the individuals that stand to benefit most from the change. We can connect members to one another and build powerful networks that will share lessons learned between geographically distant regions. We can empower members by giving them first the inspiration, and second the knowledge to implement change in their own families, towns, and regions. Blossoming from this, the members will have the capacity to develop practical and broadly-accepted solutions to age-old problems, and then successfully advocate for these solutions and for themselves on local, state, national, and global levels. »