14 November 2015

Sign Up to Save the World

WayneBurkeSo you saw me at TEDx Beacon Street, huh?!? Well, cool. If you’re here, I’m going to guess you’re inspired – or at least think I may be on to something. Excellent. I was hoping for that.

The theme of TEDx Beacon Street is Ideas into Action. The talk is about the idea. If you’re ready for action, add a comment below telling everyone what you’re ready to do! Depending on who responds and what you all want to do, we’ll find ways to work together and support each other. Because I truly believe this is the right path to saving the world.

Here is the direct link to the talk itself, but if you want the quick overview, here are some highlights:

  • To me, “How to Save the world” means “How to Solve Big Problems”
  • In order to do that, you have to create system change, and even more specifically, you have to change culture and policy.
  • It is easier to change culture first.
  • Unconferences are cool.
  • The industrial age was organized by hierarchy and run by bureaucracy.
  • The information age is organized by empowering individuals and the ease of information exchange that digital communication provides.
  • We are in the middle of a transitional change from a culture dominated by Baby Boomers to a culture dominated by Millennials. Boomers love independent thought and Millennials love working together. The result of working together for too long is group think, which independent thought breaks. The result of too much independent thought is the belief that only your idea is right and gridlock. Working together is necessary to break the gridlock and solve problems.
  • An organization built for Millennials in the Information Age would provide:
    • An issue-driven mission (ie, not perspective-driven)
    • Space for the magic to happen (the org is merely a facilitator)
    • Empowerment for its members (so they can connect, learn, experiment, share)

Let’s do this!