Development Data Challenge

1 June 2012
World Bank HQ
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The World Bank Finances team (along with numerous other portions of the Bank) have released a surprising amount of data – so much so in fact that no one is quite sure what to do with it all. Consequently, they are rightfully concerned about the sustainability of their release program and so have begun to do outreach to relevant communities to encourage them to dig into the data and find the hidden stories and uncover the uses that aren’t immediately obvious.

One part of this effort is the Development Data Challenge, bringing together private sector and non-profit, tech geeks and international aid experts, bureaucrats and crazy people to really push the limits of what is possible with financial data.

I was lucky enough to be asked to facilitate this event. While the majority of the ground work had already been laid, I took the opportunity to sprinkle a little magic dust into the schedule and layer some appropriate technology on top of the in-person discussions to make sure everything flowed smoothly, got the creative juices flowing, and captured the results of all the conversations.

Needless to say, it was not only a fun time, it was also very productive!