ICT Solutions Day

28 February 2013
World Bank HQ
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So here’s the deal. The World Bank’s ICT (information and communication technology) Unit wanted to bring together government ministers and help them to see the ways in which technology can help them solve some of their core problems.

We helped them to establish a crowd-sourcing effort based on an already existing LinkedIn group of ICT for Development experts, and also increase the co-creation possibilities at the event itself. Stepping outside of their comfort zone, the World Bank did this in two ways:

  1. We intermixed ignite style presentations with one-on-one expert chats. This required the attendees (including government ministers) to get up and move around the room. This was much more productive than a typical question and answer period as there was opportunity for discussion and the experts could really focus on the specific issue beyond just giving a generic response.
  2. We broke up into Country Solutions Sessions, each of which was focused on developing possible solutions to the five country’s problem statements. Not only did this allow the ministers to gain a greater understanding of how technology may be able to help them with their problem, it also allowed World Bank experts to learn more details about the problems that the country is facing.

All in all, it was considered a great success and the ICT Unit is endeavouring to duplicate this model on a country level moving forward.