Open Source Summit v3.0: Communities

25-26 June 2013
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Enhancing government understanding of open source software, hardware, and data communities — how they function, how to engage existing communities, and how to establish new ones.

Building on the past success of Open Source Summits, we have built an impressive multi-agency planning team and are putting on an event that is focused on helping government employees that work with open source to do it better.

The magic we bring to this is the building and management of the planning team as well as the development and facilitation of a truly innovative event format.

The planning process for this event is very collaborative. With weekly planning calls, we elicit understanding and agreement from the planning team members about what will best serve federal employees. The knowledge and experience of the planning team members is what develops the vision for the event, as well as the break down of this into sub-topics, the format of the schedule, and the determination of appropriate (and inspiring) speakers.

It’s going to be a great event!!